What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation refers to the creation of a virtual resource such as a server, desktop, operating system, file, storage or network.

The main goal of virtualisation is to manage workloads by radically transforming traditional computing to make it more scalable. Virtualisation has been a part of the IT landscape for decades now, and today it can be applied to a wide range of system layers, including operating system-level virtualisation, hardware-level virtualisation and server virtualisation

Additionally, FNN will upgrade (if needed) your Firewall and use a VPN as part of Virtualisation to create an even more secure network environment than a traditional server and many devices network.

Do I need Virtualisation?

This depends on who 'you' are. If you are a small company with less than 5 servers or even just have a small amount of users, probably not. Typically, FNN works with schools as they have a large amount of users and due to the size of the Far North it is unlikely many non-education based companies need it.

It relies on server bandwidth and size, so you'll need to carefully consider if the costs for installing it are worth it or even if your network can handle it. Contact us if you are unsure that Virtualisation is right for you, and we can discuss your situation.

What can FNN do to help me with Virtualisation?

We can setup, manage and upgrade your virtualised network. We mainly use two mainstream Virtualisation tools, VMware and Hyper-V. They are both long running and reliable and we already have many clients using those two tools. Additionally, we are localised to the Far North, so we will be able to provide as much onsite work as needed.