What can I do with wireless?

Wireless is a very popular standard for network delivery today, but a lot of people still don't realise exactly how powerful and useful it can be.

FNN specialises in wireless deployment for a range of industries. From a home in rural Far North to a school or Office in the middle of a town, we will upgrade existing networks or build a new one from the ground up. We can setup a network for simple Internet consumption, or anything else you want or didn't know you could do. Our wireless systems can do more than just provide internet connection, for example, FNN can also setup wireless systems that allow automation of gates, lights, surveillance cameras or other electrical appliances. This can be done for both businesses and homes.

We will work out what network size is right for your needs and budget, and will even provide assistance in running the network in the future if you need it. We can help you decide if IOT is useful for you or not.

The hardware we use is modern and scale-able, meaning your network will be up to date for a while yet and if it ever does need an upgrade it will be easy enough to add to it.

Remember, if you are unsure what exactly your wireless needs are or if you want to find out the exact scope of your project, contact us to arrange a meeting.

Some of the products we use.